FTC Scholarships Available

For many students, seeking out scholarship funding, no matter how big or small the amount, can be a vital part of the enrollment process. Student loans and grants can certainly bridge the financial gap for students when trying to cover tuition costs, but Florida Technical College also has several scholarships available for new and returning students.

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Scholarships Available for All Programs

Hospitality Scholarship

  • Culinary Arts Scholarship / Currently not available
  • Baking and Pasteleria Scholarship / Currently not available

Beauty Scholarship

Criminal Justice Scholarship

Please refer to the above links for more detailed information regarding our scholarship qualifications.

Financial Aid: Find Out More
Know Your Options

Why not schedule a time to meet with a financial aid advisor at Florida Technical College to see what scholarships, bursaries, grants and/or other funding options may be available to you? Click here or call the FTC campus nearest you to contact a Florida Technical College financial aid advisor and ask about coming in for a financial aid consultation.