What kind of career can you get once you earn your marketing degree?

Five In-Demand Careers for Your Marketing Degree

Marketing is a crucial component of any business, which means that all companies need qualified candidates to do this kind of work. The Business Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing Bachelor’s Degree program at Florida Technical College teaches a versatile set of business skills that prepare you to work in a number of roles including marketing.  So if marketing is your main interest, what kind of career can you get once you earn your marketing degree? There are a lot of possibilities and here are just five of them to get you thinking:


  1. Marketing research analyst.

    Being able to market a business or product requires knowledge of the market place. With your marketing degree you can get a position collecting and analyzing that information. An analyst searches for data about the market for a company’s products or services, competitors, and industry changes and then uses that information to help with the product and service development and promotions. With more data available all the time, this career is growing and it requires someone with the knowledge and skills to do careful research and analysis.

  2. Social media marketer.

    As a social media marketing specialist you could be the person who manages social media accounts for a company. You would be responsible for creating, managing, and using social media to help market products and services while building your company’s brand. Understanding marketing and being internet savvy are important for this career.

  3. Brand manager.

    Branding is crucial for companies so that customers recognize and stay loyal to their products and services. An expert in marketing makes a perfect brand manager. In this position you would use marketing to create and maintain a brand. This could include using promotions, sales, advertising, social media and research, while also being able to keep up with competitors. Brand managers need to understand marketing, but are also creative thinkers.

  4. Sales representative.

    A career as a sales representative allows you to use your skills in marketing along with other business skills you learned while earning your marketing degree. In this position you represent your company and make sales to other businesses and larger organizations. You have to know how to market your product or services and you have to be able to keep up to date on what is going on in your industry and your customer’s needs.

  5. Product manager.

    A product manager’s job is similar to that of a brand manager, but is more focused on just one product that your company sells. In this focused position you are responsible for leading the development of a product as well as the marketing, branding and selling. This requires knowledge of the marketplace and strong marketing skills.


Marketing is an exciting area of business and one that you can focus on when you earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Entrepreneurship from Florida Technical College. This program focuses on learning real and usable skills to maximize your chances of finding a position once you graduate. With flexible schedules and financial aid, we can offer you an educational program that fits your lifestyle and that gives you a brighter future.



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