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How are we Keeping America Safe? With Homeland Security

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A Florida Technical School to Get You Ahead

When the Department of Homeland Security was first instituted a mere 11 days after the attacks on our nation of September 11, 2001, the goal was to safeguard the nation against terrorism and prevent any future attacks. Today, they continue to do that, with the threat of terrorism now a more global force than many could have imagined. The war on terror continues to be waged, whether it is in cyberspace, through diplomatic relations, or via military forces. The opportunity to be on the front lines of our defense system stateside is an exciting one, to be sure. With Florida Technical College, you could be the next Homeland Security professional to take up the mantle of defense.

Florida Technical College

The Department of Homeland Security represents a coalition of defense experts, from the U.S. Secret Service to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The Criminal Justice with emphasis in Homeland Security Bachelor of Science Degree program provides students with skills in crime scene investigation, public administration, advanced application of homeland security and emergency management, and developing and establishing inter-agency relationships and private sector roles in homeland security. To get started in this program or one of the many other exciting career paths Florida Technical College has to offer, visit us online!

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